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(English) NTI Launches Tunngavik iPAD Application

(July 9, 2017 – Iqaluit, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) President Aluki Kotierk today launched a free iPAD application called Tunngavik. The app was launched on Nunavut Day to illustrate NTI’s commitment to enhancing the understanding and relevance of the Nunavut Agreement.

“This app is a modern tool for Inuit to use to learn and explore our rights in the Nunavut Agreement. It is meant to play a part in re-instilling empowerment and visioning amongst Nunavut Inuit. We can tap into our potential by learning about our history and our rights. This app can help do that,” said Kotierk.

Tunngavik’s features include the Nunavut Agreement, Plain Language Nunavut Agreement, audio that explains the meaning behind each article, a timeline detailing the history and negotiations of the Nunavut Agreement, a glossary, and a quiz that allows users to build an iglu when they get correct answers.

As part of the launch, NTI will give away five iPads featuring the Tunngavik app. Inuit who are enrolled in the Nunavut Agreement are eligible to enter. Contestants simply go to NTI’s Facebook page, like the page if you have not already done so, and click on the link. Inuit will be asked to provide their names and community of
residence to enter. The contest registration period ends July 31, 2017 at midnight. The winners will be announced in early August.

The app is currently available on iTunes for free for iPads. Later this year, it will be available for iPods, iPhones and all Android tablets and phones.

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