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Honour Inuit Day – #inuujunga

At the 2006 ICC General Assembly in Barrow, Alaska, November 7th was proclaimed as Inuit Day to honour the birth date of ICC visionary, Eben Hopson, Sr.inuujunga

Inuit Day encourages “all Inuit governments, agencies, and communities to annually proclaim this day as Inuit Day, and conduct appropriate ceremonies and celebrations.”

This year, we want to hear from YOU! On November 7th, using the hashtag #inuujunga, we are encouraging you to use your social media network – Facebook, Twitter etc… – to share something about Inuit, a story, a photo, a fact, a celebration or something that makes you proud to be Inuk.

Let’s celebrate our Circumpolar Inuit on November 7th, Inuit Day!