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Benefits Programs Turned Over to RIAs

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. announced that the bereavement and compassionate travel programs formerly administered by NTI are now the responsibility of the Regional Inuit Associations, effective today. The change is a result of the Closer to Inuit initiative launched in Sept., 2009, to make Nunavut’s Inuit organizations more efficient.

The RIAs will now offer the bereavement and compassionate travel programs to Inuit enrolled under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement in their respective regions, using the same funding previously budgeted for NTI. Today’s announcement does not change people’s ability to access the program. The only change is that the RIAs will assist Inuit in accessing the travel programs.

Inuit are encouraged to continue contacting community liaison officers as the initial point of contact in completing the applications form and providing the required documents to process the applications accordingly.

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