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Tunngavikkunni Iqqanaijaqtiit

Each month, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. will profile staff members and the work we do to implement the Nunavut Agreement.

 For the month of June, we’re profiling NTI’s Inuktitut interpreter/translators who work in the Communications Division. Veronica Dewar (left), Rebecca Mike (centre) and Elisapee Ikkidluak (right) translate all of NTI’s written materials, which include annual reports, meeting documents, policies, magazines, advertisements, news releases and outgoing mail. They also interpret during dozens of NTI meetings each year. They are busy! And, by helping create new terminology, these three play a leading role in the evolution of Inuktut in Nunavut. This is a huge job and NTI appreciates the years of dedication they have given to Nunavut and the Inuktitut language.