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Nunavut Tunngavik Supports Sealfie Movement

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Vice-President James Eetoolook expressed support for the sealfie movement that continues to gain momentum in Nunavut, and on the national and international stages.

A sealfie is when people post pictures of themselves wearing sealskin on social media. It is part of a social media movement intended to support and promote awareness about Nunavut’s sustainable and humane seal harvest. The sealfie movement began after Ellen DeGeneres posted a selfie at the Oscars and donated money raised by the image to the Humane Society. DeGeneres and the Humane Society are opposed to the seal harvest.

“This is another perfect example of people and organizations using their wealth and influence to spread further misinformation about our way of life. Their ignorance is appalling. Seals in Canada are harvested humanely, and to tell people otherwise is a complete lie,” said Eetoolook. “NTI fully supports the sealfie movement and will continue to help build momentum and educate people about the reality of our seal harvest.”

In support of the sealfie movement, NTI will operate a sealfie photo booth in the lobby of the Igluvut Building where NTI’s offices are located in Iqaluit on April 10 from 10-4 pm. Everyone is encouraged to come to the building wearing sealskin. NTI staff will take photographs and post them on Facebook and Twitter.

NTI is also organizing a giant sealfie in Iqaluit. Everyone is encouraged to come to the Curling Rink on April 11 at 3 pm, just prior to the start of the Toonik Tyme opening ceremonies. NTI will take the photograph and post it on Facebook and Twitter.

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