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NTI President Conditionally Reinstated by Annual General Meeting

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Arviat, Nunavut (November 18, 2000) Delegates to the Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) Annual General Meeting, being held in Arviat, voted today to conditionally reinstate President Paul Quassa as of January 31, 2001. The President will be reinstated on the following conditions:

By January 31, 2001, all outstanding debts owed to NTI will be repaid;
all future expenditures of the President and the President’s office are kept fully compliant with NTI’s bylaws, policies and procedures;

If these conditions are met before January 31, reinstatement will be immediate. If the payment is not made in full by that time, he will automatically be removed. The resolution continues the President’s suspension, but without pay.

Paul Quassa has not yet paid all of the amounts he owes NTI for personal expenditures, said James Eetoolook, Acting President. While he has begun the process of repayment, he has not completed it. Until full repayment is made, his suspension will remain in force. Once full repayment is made, reinstatement will follow.