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NTI asks Where are the Firearms Licenses?

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Iqaluit, Nunavut (August 10, 2001) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc’s Acting President, James Eetoolook, has not yet received his Firearms Acquisition Permit, nearly a year after he applied for it.

If I haven’t received mine, said Eetoolook, I have to wonder how many others haven’t received theirs.

The temporary permits some Beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement received expired at the end of June. Without the permit, hunters cannot buy ammunition, or even legally own a gun.

We believe that many Inuit are in this position, stated Eetoolook. They cannot buy bullets and cannot feed their families. We estimate that as many as 40% of Beneficiaries who applied for permits have not received them yet. This is an extremely disturbing situation and it must be resolved immediately

We have also heard of some people calling the Canadian Firearms Centre to find out where their permit is and being told that they will have to apply again because there is no record of their application, continued Eetoolook. The CFC has closed their processing centre in Alberta and sent all the paperwork to the centre in New Brunswick. They seem to be cutting back staff but our people are not receiving their permits.

NTI continues to operate a toll-free telephone line for Beneficiaries who are having problems with their permits. The number is 1 – 800 – 780 4036. By phoning this number and providing full name and birthdate, NTI can follow up with the Firearms Centre and help people find out the status of the application. People can also phone the Centre directly at 1 – 800 – 731 4000 but service in Inuktitut is not available at the Centre.

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