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June 29, 2017 – Iqaluit, Nunavut The Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation’s Board of Directors met in Iqaluit today and approved nearly $1.5 million in funding for four Inuit-specific training initiatives. The Qikiqtani Inuit Association, the Pirurvik Centre, Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council and Tumikuluit Saipaaqivik were each awarded funds for proposals that will contribute to Makigiaqta’s objective of enhancing the preparedness of Nunavut Inuit for government and other employment.


The board also approved its annual work plan, which includes creating a full-time staff position for the corporation. Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) President Aluki Kotierk, who chairs the board, said Makigiaqta has made considerable progress since its incorporation 18 months ago. “Makigiaqta is a solid example of how Nunavut Inuit and our government partners are working together on special initiatives to provide Inuit with skills to qualify and prepare for employment. Although Makigiaqta is still new, we have started investing in our priority areas and have laid the groundwork for a longer term investment in Inuit,” said Kotierk.


“The Government of Nunavut is a proud partner in Makigiaqta. The public service is committed to ensuring this endeavor is effective in helping Inuit in their long-term skills development and career aspirations. Many thanks to our partners for another successful meeting, and helping to shape a strong path moving forward,” said Premier Peter Taptuna.


Makigiaqta was formed using $175 million in funds secured through the Settlement Agreement with the Government of Canada. The funds will be used to support the development and delivery of Inuit-specific learning and employment programs to bring the level of Inuit employment in public and private sector jobs to a representative level. Makigiaqta will also examine the systemic changes that are required to encourage and support Inuit employment. Board members include the NTI Executive Committee, as well as Premier Peter Taptuna and Education Minister Paul Quassa.


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