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PSA: Kivalliq Hall Common Experience Payment

Former students who attended Kivalliq Hall from the period of June 12, 1985 to December 3I, 1997, who meet the criteria under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (“IRSSA”), are eligible to apply for compensation in the form of a Common Experience Payment (“CEP”). Canada will start accepting application on May 1st 2019. Eligible former students who meet the following criteria may be eligible for the CEP:

a. resided at Kivalliq Hall during the Operation Dates for the purpose of receiving a high school education;

b. were alive on May 30, 2005; and,

c. apply by providing a completed CEP application.

CEP Applications of former students who have deceased can be applied by family members.

Application Form can be found here:Common Experience Payment Form

Download (PDF, 210KB)

As well, any former Kivalliq Hall students who suffered sexual and/or physical abuses, or other abuses that cause serious psychological effects while at Kivalliq Hall, may apply for additional compensation under the Independent Assessment Process (“IAP”). Independent Assessment Process (“IAP”) applications will be accepted for nine (9) months until December 31st, 2019.

Former students who are approved for a CEP will also be eligible to apply for a personal credit by November 30th, 2019. Personal credits may be used for a wide range of educational programs and services, including those provided by universities, colleges, trade or training schools. Programs or services could include literary or trades as well as daycare costs. Personal credits have no cash value, they are only redeemable up to $3000 for approved educational entities and groups. Personal credits can be used by former students or give part or all of their personal credits to family members.

For more information about these processes, please call toll free 1 866 879 4913 or go to

Former students can mail their CEP forms :

CEP Processing Centre
PO BOX 8232, Station T
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3H7


Any Service Canada Centre location.