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NS launches fundraising drive for student residence

Ottawa, January 25, 2016 –  The Nunavut Sivuniksavut (NS) college program in Ottawa is embarking on another big step in its ongoing development. This time the goal is to raise $2 Million to develop a residence for students who attend the program.

For 31 years, NS has rented and furnished private apartments throughout Ottawa for its 1st Year students. Thanks to the generous support of NTI, regional Inuit associations and the federal government, NS was able to purchase a larger school facility in Ottawa in 2011, enabling it to increase the number of 1st Year students from 22 to 40.

The increased number of students has meant an increase in the number of apartments that have to be rented, however.

A residence makes a lot of economic sense,” says Jesse Unaapiq Mike, Chair of the NS Board of Directors. “Overall, NS students are now spending upwards of $200,000 on housing during their eight months in Ottawa. NS itself subsidizes their apartments to the tune of approx. $100,000 each year. All of that money is going into the pockets of private landlords throughout the city. None of it is building any equity for the NS program.”

“A residence will also enhance student life,” says Christy Sinclair, Secretary-Treasurer and lead board member to the project.A residence will allow us to provide more effective support for students who are living on their own for the first time. It will also help to ensure a greater degree of security, something that will benefit both the students and their families back home, who often worry about them being on their own in the city.”

“NS has always been a great example of a partnership between Inuit organizations and government,” said Mike. “With this fundraising campaign, we also want to reach out to the private sector in Nunavut, because all sectors of Nunavut’s economy are benefiting from the successes of NS grads.”

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Facts About NS

o  Founded in 1985 by the Tunngavik Federation of Nunavut
o  Incorporated in 1999 as a not-for-profit charitable organization
o  Delivers two Certificate programs – Inuit Studies, and Advanced Inuit Studies
o  Affiliated with Algonquin College in Ottawa
o  Current intake: 40 1st Year students; 10-15 2nd Year students.
o  Completion rate: approx: 75-85%
o  A recent Alumni survey showed:
o             Over 80% were either employed full-time or pursuing further education
o             Only 4% were unemployed and looking for work
o             32% were employed by the GN
o            16.5% were employed in the private sector.
o             16% were employed with Inuit organizations
o             74% had continued on to do more post-secondary after NS

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