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NTI’s Transparent Operations

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(March 3, 2008 – Cambridge Bay, Nunavut) Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq was simply misinformed when she made a reference about the lack of transparency in Inuit organizations during a recent legislative session. Transparency has long been one of the key principles under which NTI operates.

Beneficiaries have many ways to find out whether NTI is making decisions in their interest. Among other things, all NTI members and board of directors meetings are open to beneficiaries, media and the general public. Minutes of and resolutions passed during the meetings are readily available to all beneficiaries upon request. NTI produces various reports each year, including annual reports, detailing the operational and financial situations. The annual report specifically contains compensation and benefit information about NTI executive officers and departmental directors.

In terms of avoiding conflict between public and personal interests, NTI directors, executives and employees have been subject to policies on code of conduct and conflict of interest since its creation in 1993. The above policies require NTI directors and executives to disclose any conflict of interest between the director/executive or his/her family members and his/her duties at NTI. All RIAs have similar policies in place.

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