Current Initiative

Piqasiqsuijuq Mentorship

The Piqasiqsuijuq Mentorship provides Nunavut Inuit, ages 18-35, the opportunity to shadow the President of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated at two high-level meetings.

In preparation for the meetings, the participant will attend a staff briefing with the President, to gain understanding and context of the issues that will be discussed at the meetings.

The participant will attend the meetings as an observer. This will give them firsthand experience of how meetings are conducted, learn different leadership styles from the participants and gain insight to policies, programs and services provided by Inuit organizations.

Following each meeting, the participant will have the opportunity to debrief one-on-one with the President, where they can give direct input on the issues discussed during the meetings, as well as feedback and initial impressions of their experience during the Piqasiqsuijuq mentorship.

Upon completion of the mentorship, the participant is expected to provide a written report. The report should outline their experience, including any challenges (emotional/technical/ logistical/ etc.) they may have faced, any moments of inspiration, what they have learned through their experience, and any potential impact their participation in the program may have had in their personal and/or professional life.

The participant will receive an honorarium for their participation, and all travel expenses will be covered by NTI.

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