Current Initiative

Qauma Mobile Treatment Project


Meet the Councilors:

Jeff More

2008-10-10-qauma-Jeff More
Jeff is of Mohawk ancestry. He lives in Kamloops, BC with his son and daughter. He has a degree in psychology from McMaster University and a post-baccalaureate diploma in art therapy from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. Jeff has training and professional experience in the field of trauma (including historic trauma of Aboriginal children and families), substance abuse, child development, and fostering/adoption in Aboriginal families. He is the author of a booklet describing the efficacy of art therapy with Aboriginal Peoples.

Dianne Metuq

2008-10-10-qauma-Dianne Metuq
Dianne grew up in Pangnirtung and studied at Vanguard College in Edmonton, Alberta. She was a community worker for youth protection for two years in Inukjuak, northern Quebec, before she became a Director at Kids on the Beach Daycare in Iqaluit. Dianne is experienced in self-help techniques, intervention counseling, youth and adult counseling and has attended workshops in trauma coping methods. She instills confidence and hope in her clients by helping them realize their full potential and their importance within the community.

Thomasie & Regilee Ootook

Husband and wife team Thomasie and Regilee are well-known Elders from Pond Inlet who have counseled both together and separately. Thomasie’s reputation as a wise and effective counselor precedes him: communities applying for the Qauma Treatment Project have requested his attendance in particular. Thomasie and Regilee have been counseling together for five years. Their goal is to teach people coping techniques that they can continue to use after they have left the community. Thomasie and Regilee’s strategies seem to be working; they often receive calls at home thanking them for their help.

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