Past Project

Arctic Exile Monument Project

  • To commemorate the Inuit who sacrificed so much as a result of the Government relocation of 1953.
  • To promote and preserve this moment in Nunavut’s history through the building of two permanent monuments.
  • To involve the communities of Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord with the creation of the monuments and an unveiling ceremony, a feast, and presentations and activities in each community.
  • To develop a national and international audience by exposing media to this moment in Nunavut’s history.
  • To develop a committee that can use this project as a stepping-stone to organize an annual day of commemoration for the Inuit who suffered as a result of relocation.
  • To show the world that Canada’s claim on the High Arctic remains strong because Canadians continue to live and prosper in its most northern communities.
  • To gain an apology from the federal government.