Nunavut Economy

Memorandum of Understanding on the Nunavut Roundtable for Poverty Reduction

The Makimaniq Plan - A Shared Approach to Poverty Reduction

Nunavut Economic Outlook Report

2008 Nunavut Economic Outlook.pdf

Qanijijuq II: The Journey Continues

Nunavut Economic Forum - Northern Residents' Tax Deduction

NTI Response to Economic Development Report - Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples

Northern Residents' Deduction

Economic Development Report - Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples

NTI Submission to the Federal Finance Committee

Nunavut's Economic Challenges

Nunavut Economic Review - Sakku

Iqaluit Deepwater Port - Strategic Plan

Nunavut Economic Forum - Preparing for the Journey

Nunavut Economic Outlook - 2005

Nunavut Financial Institutsions - Atuqtuarvik Study

Inuit Firm Registry - Final Report

Nunavut Financial Institutions - Overview and Options

Nunavut Credit Union Options - Arctic Co-ops Study

Infrastructure Planning for Nunavut Communities - Consultant Report

Addressing the Cost of Living in Nunavut - Discussion Paper

Sivummut II Conference Report

Nunavut Economic Oulook - 2002

Piliriaksaliuqatigiikniq Conference Report

A Critical Review of the Five Year Labour Force Needs Analysis

Nunavut Economic Outlook - 2001

Examination of the Nunavut Economy

Labour Force Survey