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Nunavut Tunngavik Announces Chief Returning Officer

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. will host an election for NTI vice-president on Dec. 8, 2014. Nancy Karetak –Lindell, associated with Ayaya Communications Ltd., will serve as chief returning officer. Karetak-Lindell brings significant experience in election administration to the position.

The nomination period for the 2014 vice-president election runs from Oct. 27-31, 2014. The chief returning officer will issue an official notice of election at the conclusion of the nomination period.

NTI’s vice-president serves on NTI’s Board of Directors, and as chair of two NTI Board committees, including the Inuit Social and Cultural Development Advisory Committee and the Inuit Wildlife and Environment Advisory Committee.

Eligible candidates and voters must be Canadian citizens, at least 16 years of age, and enrolled under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. Nomination forms can be obtained later this year either from the chief returning officer, community liaison officers, or NTI’s website.

In accordance with changes approved at NTI’s annual general meeting in October 2013, candidates are now required to submit an original criminal records check when they submit their nomination papers. The records check must be completed after July 27, 2014 to ensure it is recent. As it is normally take weeks to process a criminal records check, anyone considering running in the NTI election must start the process well in advance of the nomination period.

There are several ways that voters can participate in the NTI election. Voters can head to advance polls Dec. 1, 2014, cast ballots of voting day Dec. 8, 2014, or vote by proxy or by mail ballot. Voting by mail is another change approved at NTI’s last annual general meeting. Detailed information about voting by mail may be obtained from the chief returning officer.

For further information:

Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Chief Returning Officer
Tel: (867) 975-3899 Fax: (867) 979-1487
Toll-free: 1- 844-NTI-VOTE (684-8683)