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NTI Welcomes Roll-Out of Nunavut Government Employees Survey

. (NTI) President Cathy Towtongie today said NTI welcomed the roll-out of the Nunavut Government Employees Survey to all Government of Nunavut (GN) and Government of Canada employees in Nunavut.

The commitment to conduct the survey was made in the Settlement Agreement that NTI signed with the GN and the federal government last year to conclude NTI’s lawsuit against the federal government for its failure to live up to its obligations in the Nunavut Agreement. Many of the broken promises related to Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement, which calls for Nunavut’s government workforce to be representative of the territory’s Inuit population, estimated at 85 per cent.

“Creating a government workforce that fully, fairly, and consistently reflects the Inuit population in Nunavut is a key promise included in the Nunavut Agreement. This is a top priority of NTI, and I am pleased that NTI’s litigation and Settlement Agreement directly led to this survey. We need to develop a better understanding of what Inuit are experiencing as government employees so that we can develop more adequate Inuit employment and training plans and remove the barriers that prevent career advancement and more successful employment,” said Towtongie.

Survey results will also provide valuable information in the development of the Nunavut Inuit Labour Force Analysis. The confidential survey runs April 25-June 3, 2016. All government employees are encouraged to participate in the survey during work hours. NTI developed the survey in partnership with the GN and the Government of Canada. The survey is available in Inuktut, English and French.

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