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NTI Welcomes McCrank Report

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(July 22, 2008 – Cambridge Bay, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Acting President James Eetoolook today welcomed the release of Neil McCrank’s report entitled Road to Improvement.

“There are three recommendations in this report that are specific to Nunavut, and we agree with them all,” said Eetoolook. One has already been carried out. The other two we look forward to completing.”

Road to Improvement is a report commissioned by Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister Chuck Strahl. Its main focus is on the various regulatory bodies in the Northwest Territories. With regard to Nunavut it recommends:

Complete the process to enact the Nunavut Land Use Planning and Impact Assessment Act;
Make completion of land use plans for all of Nunavut a priority;
Address the duplication of efforts by the Nunavut Impact Review Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

The third recommendation was carried out through a recent amendment to the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. Eetoolook said NTI is looking for action from the federal government to indicate it also regards them as important priorities.

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