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NTI to strengthen elections process, review own operations

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(SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 — Iqaluit, Nunavut) The Board of Directors of Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated advanced the organization’s accountability agenda through a number of resolutions passed at their meeting in Pond Inlet September 9-11. A priority was the process to be followed in the March 2004 elections for NTI’s President and 2nd Vice President.

We intend to demonstrate to Beneficiaries our commitment to a democratic, accountable voting process, said NTI President Cathy Towtongie. The Board wants to ensure that our election process is easy to understand, transparent and fair to all.

The Board approved in principle proposed election procedures that set out a candidate code of conduct and campaign contribution and spending limits. Detailed procedures will be presented to the Annual General Meeting in November for approval. The Board also approved a communications campaign to encourage stronger voter turn-out in NTI elections.

Efficiency and effectiveness will be further addressed through an operations review of NTI and the Regional Inuit Associations. It is important to identify any areas of unnecessary duplication between NTI and the RIAs, and to take the steps necessary to minimize them, said 1st Vice President James Eetoolook. An independent study will begin shortly, with a report to be ready for the Board’s review at its May 2004 meeting.

Economic issues were also addressed by the Board. NTI has an important role in fostering collaboration among government, business, and Inuit organizations so that we can take advantage of opportunities big and small for economic growth, said Paul Kaludjak, Vice President of Finance. The Board directed NTI to:
Support the new multi-organizational Nunavut Economic Forum in its effort to implement the territory’s new Economic Development Strategy, including in-kind assistance of office space as well as up to $40,000 in funding per year;
Work with the Inuit investment organization, Atuqtuarvik Corporation, on enhancing opportunities for smaller Inuit businesses to access loan and equity funds; and
Establish a charitable corporation for the purpose of securing funding from charitable foundations for social and economic initiatives in Nunavut.

NTI is preparing for the next 10 years of challenge and opportunity, said 2nd Vice President Raymond Ningeocheak. Since 1993, we have focussed on implementing key components of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. Beneficiaries are depending on NTI to keep up the pressure on the governments to meet their Claim obligations. That’s what we’re doing.


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RESOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS: September Board of Directors Meeting

Appointments: NTI supported the Qikiqtani Inuit Association’s nomination of Pauloosie Paniloo to the Nunavut Implementation Review Board, for a three-year term effective July 2003, and Paul Quassa to the Nunavut Implementation Training Commission, for a three-year term effective August 2003.

Approval in principle was given to preliminary election policies and procedures, which include:
Setting out rules for campaign contributions and expenses, including limits on pre-campaign spending,