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NTI to Host Annual Year-in-Review Program Live on CBC Radio

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. will host the annual Year-in-Review program live on CBC radio from Rankin Inlet, Dec.19, 2011, from 12:30-2:00 p.m. CT.

“The annual live radio show provides an avenue for Beneficiaries to ask questions and express their concerns directly to me, and it provides NTI with the opportunity to update Inuit on our work in 2011,” said Towtongie.

Inuit are encouraged to listen to the program and take part by calling in with their questions.

Audience members can call toll-free at 1-877-548-2554.

This is the ninth annual Year-in-Review program hosted by NTI.

For further information:
Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated