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NTI Supports Immediate Review of Government Procurement Practices

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. President Cathy Towtongie announced her support for an immediate review of the Government of Nunavut’s contracting policy.

“NTI negotiated the Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti (NNI) Policy in good faith to ensure that Inuit firms compete effectively and play a major role in the Nunavut economy,” said Towtongie. “However, we were seeing inconsistencies and gaps in procurement, and this leads to an unhealthy business environment. We look forward to working with the GN to develop the terms of reference, budgets and timetable for this important process. It is time to correct these problems.”

In addition, NTI will review its own Inuit Firm Registry.

Towtongie’s remarks follow Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak’s announcement of a review in the Legislative Assembly earlier today. NTI plans to participate fully in the review in accordance with Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Article 24.3.4

Earlier this week, Canada’s Auditor General tabled a report in the Legislative Assembly, documenting the GN’s procurement practices. The report stated that the GN procurement framework was appropriate, but there were concerns regarding misinterpretation and misapplication of the policy, and the lack of expertise, limited training and high turnover of GN procurement staff.

“NTI negotiated the NNI Policy in order to implement NLCA Article 24. Failure to apply the policy consistently means the GN is failing to live up to their obligations in the NLCA,” said Towtongie.

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