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NTI Makes Changes to Bylaws and Elections Rules During AGM

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(November 5, 2004 — Iqaluit, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) Annual General Meeting delegates today approved changes to the organization’s bylaws and elections rules. NTI President Paul Kaludjak said the changes are meant to streamline NTI Elections and Executive Member positions.

The approved changes include eliminating the position of Vice-President of Finance and transferring responsibility for NTI’s finances to the 1st Vice-President. That position will now be called 1st Vice-President and Vice-President of Finance.

The campaign period for NTI Elections was also reduced from seven weeks to four weeks, so that candidates will spend less time away from their current employment positions when running in NTI Elections.

We believe that making these changes will allow our organization to function more effectively while also saving NTI and Inuit crucial dollars, said President Kaludjak. Savings like this are important in a time when we are tightening our belts and we continue to seek practical ways to reduce spending, he said.

With the elimination of the Vice-President of Finance position, only the new 1st Vice-President and Vice-President of Finance position will be up for election in March 2006. In 2008, elections for President and 2nd Vice-President will be held, although the 2nd Vice-President will only serve a two-year term.

In 2010, elections for the positions of 1st Vice-President and Vice-President of Finance, and 2nd Vice-President will be held. The position of President will be contested separately in 2012.

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