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NTI Board of Directors proposes new Board Structure

(August 27, 2010 — Iqaluit, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Acting-President James Eetoolook today announced the Closer to Inuit Model.

The Closer to Inuit model includes recommendations to change the composition of the NTI board and executive committee; to discontinue the executive portfolio system; to increase the ability to address social and cultural issues through the Nunavut Social Development Council; and to develop an Inuit wildlife advisory council.

“In 2006 we began reviewing the organizational structures of the regional Inuit associations and NTI to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations in meeting our mandates in protecting, promoting, and enhancing the interest of Inuit. Since then we have been taking steps to make the improvements, Closer to Inuit is yet another step to increase the effectiveness of our organizations in serving Inuit.” said Eetoolook.

“The new NTI executive committee will include the NTI president and RIA presidents. This would allow NTI and RIAs to work more closely and better allocate our resources eliminating overlap and allowing for greater strategic decision making.” said Eetoolook. “During the negotiations executive portfolios were necessary, but over the years as we have increased our capacity as organizations we’ve out grown this model and have found that a policy governance model is a more appropriate model for our organizations at this stage.”

Currently, the NTI executive committee is comprised of two vice-presidents and a president who are elected by Beneficiaries Under the policy governance model the job of the board is to establish the guiding principles, policies and plans of the organization; to delegate responsibility and authority to those responsible for enacting those principles, policies and plans; and to ensure that the CEO is accountable for results.

“Social and cultural issues are probably the most important issues to Inuit. Our culture continues to be vibrant in our lives and Inuit are still hunter/gatherers. We want to make our organizational structure allows for us to protect and promote the well being of our culture, language and traditions.” said Eetoolook.

Both vice-presidents would continue to be elected by Beneficiaries, one VP would serve as the chair of the Nunavut Social Development Council and the other as chair of the Nunavut Wildlife Council.

“Our next step will be to engage the regional wildlife organizations in discussions in relation to the creation of the Nunavut Wildlife Advisory Council.” concluded Eetoolook.


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