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NTI Annual General Meeting Concludes in Cambridge Bay

(October 22, 2020 – Cambridge Bay, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) President Aluki Kotierk announces today that NTI has successfully concluded the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.


Highlights of the AGM Resolutions include:

  • Dolphin Union Caribou Interim Order – The members call upon the Government of Nunavut (GN) to follow the established, concesus based practice to work with Inuit communities and hunters as well as the Regional Inuit Associations, to seek community support for any interim measures;
  • Review of Medivac Services – The Members call upon the GN and the Government of Canada (GoC) to conduct a review of medical services and standards in Nunavut, including model of care, Inuit employment and transportation and to make the review publicly available;
  • Community Wellness and Suicide Prevention – The members call upon the GN to take measurable steps to demonstrate progress aimed at social equity in Nunavut communities and to fulfill their commitment for an Inuit-centerd community based wellness approach for suicide prevention;
  • Nunavut Inuit Living Outside of Nunavut – The members call on the GoC to offer and adequately fund a needs assessment for programs and services needs of Inuit Living outside of the Nunavut Settlement Area;
  • COVID-19 Impacts – The members call on the GN and GoC to ensure that Inuit employment obligations under the Nunavut Agreement are fulfilled by building capacity in Nunavut, in particular in the critical fields of education, health and justice;
  • Inadequate Housing – The Members call upon the GN and the GoC to ensure that all the factors affecting the social determinants of health of Inuit be addressed so as to prevent Inuit from being at a greater risk in case of public healthy emergencies such as global pandemics;
  • Amendments to KitIA Loan – The members of NTI approved to amend the Kitikmeot Inuit Association $7.5 million loan on the Greys Bay Project to be amended to a 10 year interestfree loan; and
  • Article 24 – The members call upon the GN to comply with Inuit contracting obligations of the Nunavut Agreement, and to design their procurement policies, processes and practices to support Inuit Firms and local businesses.


President Kotierk also announced that the NTI Board has approved and launched a new program entitled Uqqujjait Innarnut for Elders born between January 1, 1949 and December 31, 1955 with monthly payments of $120.  Application forms and further information can be found on NTI’s website,        


NTI is always striving for stronger and more meaningful working relationships with the Governments of Nunavut and Canada.  This was evident at this years AGM by the presence of Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq and the virtual presence of Northern Affairs Canada Minister Dan Vandal.


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, $2500 has been provided to both the Community Food Bank and for Elders Continuing Care facility in lieu of the feast.





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