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Inuit Organizations Commit $1 million to Fund New NS Building

(Iqaluit, Nunavut) Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. President Paul Kaludjak announced today that the Board of Directors approved a $500,000 contribution toward the purchase of a new building for the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program. The three Regional Inuit Associations matched the contribution. The initial installment of $200,000 will be made immediately, and the remainder will be paid in annual payments of $200,000. This contribution was made possible in November due to the support of the membership of the NTI Annual General Meeting.

“This is important news, particularly in light of the 25th anniversary the NS program will celebrate next year. The efforts of the staff in the NS program over the years have directly led to the success of 330 graduates, a number we are confident will increase tenfold once they move into the new building,” said Kaludjak, speaking on behalf of the four organizations’ presidents.

The Board of Directors of the Tungavik Federation of Nunavut started the program in 1985 to educate young Inuit about the land claim. The program has become an important one for Inuit youth and for Nunavut in general. It prepares young Inuit for exciting careers in Nunavut by providing them with a solid education in Inuit history, Inuit organizations, land claims and other relevant issues. This financial contribution affirms NTI’s commitment to the program and to supporting opportunities for young people.

“NTI and the RIAs are proud to contribute toward a new building for the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program. This will contribute further to what is already a great program for our youth. Federal Conciliator Thomas Berger said it perfectly in his report in 2006 when he referred to students and graduates of the program as the spirit and future of Nunavut,” said Kaludjak.

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