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Inuit Heritage Trust Disappointed by Lack of Government Commitment to Nunavut Heritage Centre

) Inuit Heritage Trust President Luke Suluk said today the organization is disappointed the Government of Nunavut has chosen not to commit to the urgent need to create a Nunavut Heritage Centre.

IHT has worked on the creation of the Nunavut Heritage Center with key partners Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and the GN for the past seven years. Article 33.2.4 calls for the urgent establishment of heritage facilities in Nunavut

“Because the GN refuses to commit the dollars, Inuit are unable to reclaim our historical tools and belongings that were claimed by archaeologists and others without our permission,” said Suluk. “The three partners agreed to build the centre to enable Inuit to reclaim and repatriate our artifacts and properly store them in Nunavut, and to use these items for educational purposes.”

The GN’s lack of commitment in honouring its obligations under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement is disappointing, but not surprising,” said Suluk.

“More affordable options can be looked at such as a $20 million storage facility with a small display area, which can then be expanded over time. This would be a much better option as opposed to simply abandoning all commitments to Article 33 of the NLCA” concluded Suluk.