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Historical Statistics for Suicide Released in Report

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) Vice-President James Eetoolook released a report that details the historical statistics related to suicide in Nunavut. The report was tabled yesterday during the testimony provided by NTI during the coroner’s inquest into suicide in Nunavut that is taking place in Iqaluit for the next two weeks.

Entitled “Statistical data on death by suicide by Nunavut Inuit, 1920 to 2014,” the report is part of NTI’s ongoing work on suicide prevention in Nunavut. The report provides historical and current rates that consider all known information relating to deaths by suicide in Nunavut, and contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date data related to the issue. The report clarifies what is known about the historical rate of suicide, showing clearly that Inuit society had a low rate of death by suicide until the 1970s.

“As partners in the Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy, NTI is fully committed to doing everything we can to prevent suicide. This report clearly shows to all of us that the past rates of suicide were much lower. This provides us with the valuable information the partners need to help find solutions to decrease the elevated rate of suicide we are experiencing in our territory,” said Eetoolook.

This report will be used as a resource to the Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy partners in their work to implement the strategy.

The report is available on NTI’s website.

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