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Has tobacco affected you, your family and/or community?

Has tobacco affected you, your family and/or community?

If you answered YES, then we are looking for your story!

· Have you lost loved ones to tobacco use?

· Has your health or the health of loved ones been severely affected by tobacco? How has this affected you?

· Have you quit smoking or are trying to quit because you are worried about the future of your family?

· Are you a mother whose baby has been affected by tobacco?

· Are you worried about the health and future of your community?

· Do you want to help us promote a smoke-free Nunavut?

As part of the Government of Nunavut’s Tobacco Has No Place Here campaign, we are looking for Nunavummiut who have been affected by tobacco. We want to record your stories about how tobacco has affected you or the people you love.

We are looking for stories that reflect the loss, suffering and hardship brought about by tobacco use. We want Nunavummiut to take a hard look at smoking in the north and be inspired to take action by sharing and listening to personal stories from real people like you.

We want to show that you are strong, sincere, and bold in the face of one of Nunavut’s biggest killers. We can have a smoke-free Nunavut but we need your help.

People who submit their stories may be photographed and filmed for posters, DVD and/or have their stories shared on Facebook, the internet, and YouTube, as part of the Tobacco Has No Place Here Campaign.

If you are interested in being a leader in the fight for the health of our people and have a story to tell about how tobacco has affected your life, please contact us by October 31, 2011 by calling:

Department of Health and Social Services at 867-975-5700