Nunavut Land Claims Agreement

(English) Language, learning, & the promise of Nunavut - by Laurie PellyENG

(English) TFN Land Claims Policy Submission 1985ENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop AgendaENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Towards a Representative Public Service by Richard PatonENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Institutions of Public Government by Wayne JohnsonENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Inuit Owned Lands; Mining and Royalty Regimes by Wayne JohnsonENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreements by Laurie PellyENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop – Nunavut Planning Commission by Paul QuassaENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Article 24: Government Contracting by Alastair CampbellENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Speaking notes for Wildlife Workshop by Richard SpauldingENG

(English) NLCA-303 Workshop - Article 5: Wildlife by Paul IrngautENG

(English) Nunavut and the NLCA: An Unresolved RelationshipENG

(English) Negotiating & Implementing the NLCAENG

(English) NTI Response to Proposed Consultation Guidelines – May 26 09ENG

(English) Amendments to the NLCAENG

Nunavumi Nunataagutit AngigutaanutENG

Ukautiliit Ihuaktumik Maliguitkhait NLCAmiENG

(English) Our future has a name (English & ᐃᓄᑦᑎᑐᑦ)ENG

Nunavumi Nunataagutit Angigutaanut (NLCA)ENG

Iniktiligiyit Katrakhait NLCAmiENG

(English) Agreement in Principle of the NLCAENG

(English) Our Land Our FutureENG

(English) Nunavut Proposal for the Settlement of Inuit Land in NWTENG