In 2006 NTI and the Regional Inuit Associations (RIAs) initiated a review of their organizational structures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our organizations in meeting mandates in protecting, promoting, and enhancing the interest of Inuit.

Since the review began, steps have been taken to make improvements to the organizational structures. Closer to Inuit is yet another step to increase the effectiveness of our organizations in serving Inuit.

Closer to Inuit has been underway since 2009. A functional analysis was completed by interviewing staff of the RIAs, NTI and related Inuit organizations.

The data from the functional analysis formed the basis for most of the recommendations that have come out of the Closer to Inuit initiative.

Many of the recommendations coming out of the first year focused on changes within NTI, as the place where all the organizations common interests come together. However, some important recommendations have been made that will require substantial changes to the RIAs in terms of their internal capacity as well as the way they communicate with NTI and each other.